Workspace Services

At dpi, we understand the value of staying ahead in this dynamic environment and offer a solution that sets you on the path to streamlined endpoint management.  We make it possible to deliver ready-to-use devices directly to end users, eliminating the need for onsite technicians and ensuring seamless scalability for organizations across various industries. 

Workspaces Revolutionized
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Guidance for Product Selection

  • Strategic Hardware and Software Selection:  In-depth, hands-on guidance for selecting the right hardware and software products.
  • Navigating Scarce Procurement:  Expert assistance in navigating the complexities of rare and scarce item procurement.
  • Efficient Procurement for Time and Cost Saving: Savings in time and resources through informed choices and efficient procurement.

Hands on Guidance for Setting up New Software

Our workspace services includes comprehensive training and guidance for setting up new software, ensuring that your transition to new applications or systems is seamless.  Our experts provide step-by-step assistance, making the onboarding process efficient and hassle-free.  Whether you’re implementing software for your entire organization or specific teams, our service ensures that you maximize the benefits of your software investments.

Assistance with Configured-To-Order Devices

  • Tailored Device Configuration:  Expert guidance and assistance in configuring devices to match your specific requirements.
  • Custom Hardware Solutions:  Customization of hardware from leading manufacturers, including Apple, Dell, HP, and more.
  • Efficiency Boosting Hardware Alignment:  Improved efficiency and productivity through perfectly aligned hardware solutions.
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