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The dpi Difference

Computer hardware and software have essentially become commodities and most of us can buy most IT gear nearly anywhere.  What isn’t a commodity is real product expertise.  Even more scarce is true customer service.  That makes dpi a unicorn in an industry of VAR’s and MSP’s satisfied by “good enough.”

While technology ought to be intuitive and easy to support, the reality is …it’s not.  Anyone can place an order.  Yet procuring hardware and software “off the shelf” without a partner can leave organizations in vulnerable situations.

Those who try it quickly realize that industry partnerships, skilled customer service, and OEM escalation paths are indispensable.

You’ll notice the dpi difference as soon as you call us. You’ll talk to a human….really.  You will never get an automated attendant. You will never work with a commissioned salesperson. You won’t wait weeks for  a quote. You will be introduced to a dedicated team of customer service and technical professionals committed to customer care while exceeding expectations, so our clients truly feel that we are their partner.  dpi team members create long-term relationships; making sure our partners get the best technology solutions, brands, and customer service.

You are never just a transaction to us.  You are a partner.   Really.

While these qualities ought to be the norm, they really aren’t.

That is the dpi difference.

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