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dpi has specialized expertise in multiple industries, distinguishing us as an invaluable partner
to businesses who require high quality technology and tailored IT solutions.

“dpi has more integrity than any other company I’ve ever worked with.”


– Karyn M.

Media & Entertainment

Dpi utilizes a combination of industry leading tools and decades of experience, to provide the most efficient solutions for businesses involved in advertising, design, photography, publishing, and video production.  We specialize in shared storage solutions, digital asset management, and data backup and retrieval.  Dpi can also properly implement these solutions into your pre-existing infrastructure to help ensure that your organization is running optimally.


  • Storage Solutions- Whether your job requires on premise, cloud, or a hybrid setup, dpi can customize a specific solution to meet your needs. dpi is an authorized reseller for all major storage providers, and our systems engineers will plan, install, and configure those solutions to your exact needs.
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)-dpi can help create a centralized system for organizing and accessing your company’s media assets across multiple channels. Our optimal solutions bring quicker response times at reduced production costs, allowing your Company to streamline the management of their digital assets.
  • Data Backup, Retrieval, and Business Continuity – Your company’s media assets are valuable, and dpi understands that. We implement the most effective and reliable backup and recovery solutions to ensure our partner’s data stays protected down to the last file, even in an emergency.  Make your organization disaster proof with dpi.


In addition to our core offerings of managed IT services, cloud computing, and security solutions, we are now offering gaming equipment to our customers.  

Whether its business in the gaming industry, or just trying to provide more fun around the office, dpi’s got you covered.  We offer a wide range of gaming equipment, including high performance gaming computers, high resolution monitors, powerful graphics cards, SSD cards with large storage capacities, and gaming computer accessories.

Plus dpi partners with the best, so you can stick with the brands you love.  Really!   




dpi is committed to helping healthcare organizations improve the quality of care they provide to their patients. We believe that technology can play a vital role in improving patient outcomes, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible solutions. 

  • Cybersecurity solutions – Our cybersecurity experts provide implementation of best in class cybersecurity solutions to provide your organization with the tools they need to keep classified patient records safe and secure.
  • Data center and Network solutions – We can help design, build, and manage your network or data center.  Our experienced team of network engineers will help you choose the right hardware and software solutions that fit your company’s unique needs
  •  Remote access – We provide zero touch deployment and remote access management to our hybrid clients.  The combination of these solutions with the dpi team’s technical expertise allows the end user to streamline their IT experience and cut out the administrative hassles. 


We provide financial industry IT solutions that power and secure the most complex infrastructures. We enable real-time connected finance across the continuum of transactions for customers, traders, staff, and financial institutions. Our data center, networking, cloud, unified communications, and end-user workspaces allow your employees to securely access customer, business, and financial data systems from any device or location, improving responsiveness and outcomes in diverse and distributed environments. Our cybersecurity solutions protect customer and organizations’ financial data, giving greater control over policies and easing the move to zero trust through infrastructure intelligence. 

We can supply your team with top of the line headsets to improve customer support lines, as well as videoconferencing equipment that will improve you and your associates meeting experiences.

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