Apple Enterprise Support

dpi has been integrating Apple Technology into Windows-dominated workspaces for decades.  We use our rare expertise to help businesses build upon their existing infrastructure and unlock more potential from their team.  dpi offers features like Active Directory setup for Macs, which allows access to Windows network shares on Apple computers whenever and wherever needed. 

 Empower your team with the tools they are most comfortable with and eliminate current limitations.  If your company is interested in integrating Apple products, contact dpi today.

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Apple Integration

Integrating Apple devices into Window-Centric workspaces can be a challenge for those not trained in this specific region of IT.  Your team needs the right tools for the transformation, and dpi can provide the necessities.  

We procure the latest from Apple to ensure your company is not limited by out-of-date technology.   Also with dpi’s specifically tailored services, your team will rest easy knowing the deployment and management of the devices will be properly handled by our team of experienced technicians. 

 There has been an increase in adoption of Apple devices which can be attributed to the increase in productivity linked to employees using familiar tools in the workplace.  Let’s give your team the right tools for the job.

Apple Support Services

dpi offers  support services that vary in respect to the needs of our clients.  We handle it all, whether it is just the deployment of a new IPad, or the complete management of the products’ lifecycle, all the way to decommissioning

Our technical support team is fully trained on and familiar with the Apple Ecosystem.   Furthermore, dpi offer the options of training your team  remotely or on site.  If your company prefers to handle things internally, dpi can give your team the tools to successfully do so.   

24/7 help-line gives you a real person every time, ensuring quality support for all our clients. 

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

 Most company’s in-house IT staff aren’t very familiar with the Apple ecosystem.  dpi is differentWe offer solutions that bridge the gap, ranging from complete automation, control, and security of administrative policies on new devices, or more training oriented plans that enable company’s technicians to learn how to properly and safely manage the devices internally.

Having the ability to remotely lock and wipe devices provides extra security that companies need to keep their valuable data out of the hacker’s reach.

JAMF Managed Service Provider

The Jamf platform was specifically built for the Apple Ecosystem, and dpi’s Jamf experts can ensure the integration is optimally configured to maximize the platform to its fullest potential.

Improper deployment can leave companies at major risk of cyberattacks  when not properly configured.  That’s why you should leave it to the professionals.  Management of the devices  can be handled completely by dpi, or we can train your team to handle things on an internal level.

Additionally, dpi can setup Jamf remotely through Zero Touch Deployment, eliminating the need for an onsite Technician to oversee the process, making installation more convenient than ever before.  

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