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dpi is equipped to offer a variety of specialized services that are tailored to each client’s specific needs.  Our team pairs decades of experience with ongoing training to efficiently deliver the best-in-class solutions to further your business’ long-term success.

Our services vary from training IT department the best practiced solutions, to full management of an IT infrastructure, so our clients can focus more on customers.  Businesses want  to avoid downtime, work more efficiently, and save money in the process.  Our team at dpi is equipped to make it happen.


IT Services

Whether you are looking to outsource the management of a few workstations, a one-time project, or the entire IT operation, dpi has the tools and experience to help you manage your hardware and software efficiently, and cut down on expenses in the process. 

We also specialize in customized, full-service plans to fit the needs of each of our partners.  This includes network and server support, MDM, as well as remote and onsite end user support from our team of experts. dpi also offers services for  managed storage, print, and more.  (Cloud Services will be available soon!)


Your data is vitally important, that is why we offer the tools necessary for keeping it safe and secured.  We can monitor your data 24/7, detecting and preemptively responding to cyberattacks to keep your business protected from harm.  Our security solutions cover computers, servers, networks, cloud workloads, email accounts, and more.   You can experience the peace of mind that comes with having your security managed by a team of experts.

Apple Enterprise Support

The integration of Apple technology into Windows-centric work spaces can be quite a burden for technicians who are not trained in that specific  function.  Fortunately, dpi has been providing these services  for clients, including numerous fortune 500 companies, for nearly 30 years.  

We will build upon your company’s existing infrastructure with tools like Jamf Pro, and provide Enterprise support for your  team’s devices, to ensure optimal configurations of the network.  




Today’s technology changes faster than ever, and keeping up can prove to be very challenging.  dpi offers complete lifecycle management.  Some companies don’t have enough staff to split focus, or they cant take enough time off projects to teach IT how to properly implement a new software.  That’s why dpi offers to handle everything from procurement, all the way down to decommissioning or refresh of your IT system, as well as everything in between.  

Zero-Touch Deployment

Between busy schedules and employees no longer being bound to the office all over the world, zero-touch deployment is becoming a necessity for businesses who value staying ahead.  dpi can deliver ready-to-go  devices directly to the end user.  

Zero-touch is hands-off (no onsite Technician required), and fully scalable for organization’s across multiple industries.  Improper deployment can leave company’s data at risk to attacks like phishing and session hijacking.  Partner with us to avoid these dangers and keep your devices secure.


Whether your team wants to change platforms and needs to get employees up to speed, or you simply want to demo the newest tablet or laptop, dpi can help.  We offer both remote training, and in-house training at our technology center.  Training is carried out by our certified professional technicians, who leverage vast experience in less common areas of IT. 

Clients who come to our technology center have a chance to demo the latest top of the line hardware and software to find the perfect fit for their specific needs. 

Managed Print Services

Printer choices may seem insignificant, but with rising print costs and overburdened IT departments, businesses need a reliable strategy in place to ensure they are minimizing cost and  efficiency.  dpi has experts who will provide Print Assessments to avoid overstock, and determine the most cost-effective structure for your business.  We also offer automated replenishment of print supplies, as well as maintenance support to keep your operations moving and prevent interruption.  On top of that, dpi is equipped for procuring all the new, top-of-the-line printers so suffering with obsolete hardware can be, AND should be a thing of the past.  

Storage Services

There are numerous challenges that companies run into with respect to storage and dpi recognizes these problems.   Our team uses the best practiced solutions for data Backup, Archive, and Disaster Recovery to counteract these potential risks.  

  • Archiving and sharing between devices on a network (remote and in-house)
  • Securing data from both hackers and natural disasters
  • Storing humongous volumes of data

Contact dpi to get the optimal storage strategy for your business. Don’t wait until it is too late!

White Glove Service

Our White Glove Service features an elevated level of assistance for our clients.  Our team of experts go above and beyond to ensure your needs are fully met.

Service includes:

  • Training and guidance for setting up new software
  • Hands on guidance for product selection including rare and scarce items
  • Assistance with  Configured-To-Order devices  from Apple, Dell, HP and more
  • Expanded help desk access
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