The advanced class is used to cover concepts that exist in other development languages and how to do them in Objective-C and the mobile devices, as well as further interact with native capabilities of the device.  To ensure business logic processing does not cause sluggish or non-responding UI, asynchronous designs can be used to allow […]
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The intermediate class delves further to explore the capabilities of the device and various controls that can be used to provide better interaction with the mobile devices.  A typical message notification control is available as Alert View and Action Sheet and we will explore how to use these two constructs.  More sophisticated applications may require […]
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The beginner class starts off with an overview of the Objective-C programming language, how it is different in comparison to other development languages, and a high-level walk through on using the Xcode development environment.  The class will then cover using the designer (Interface Builder) to arrange your application look and feel and how to work […]
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At first glance, Apple’s début of the latest iOS update seems to cater solely to the consumer, bringing much anticipated changes to the way iPads and iPhones will operate. With new offerings in fun favorites like Game Center and Air Play, casual customers will be tickled pink. But for the rest of us who use […]
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iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users rejoice! Much requested (and much needed) updates to Apple iOS have   been released today for the mobile operating system. iPad users may celebrate the most: the update includes over 100 new features including multitasking, folders, and a unified inbox. The other breakthroughs are both big and small, including: AirPrint […]
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Custom Training

dpi offers training in our facility or in your place of business. Topics range from courses like Support Essentials to Executive iPad training.

Classes can also be developed to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Volume Purchase Plans

dpi offers volume purchase options for enterprise customers. Repeats, training credits and other rewards may be available for customers who qualify for our Volume Purchase Plan.

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Professional Video

dpi is your complete source for professional video. We sell and support a full range of video management software as well as video storage solutions.

Direct Attach + SAN Storage

We are experts at implementing solutions that meet the demand of storage-intensive business applications including high-speed, high-capacity SAN/NAS solutions.