A New Landscape

Workspaces have become mobile centric
Legacy infrastructure is being modernized
Employees want a say in the tools they use

Employees do their best work when they have access to the best tools and Apple® products are here to provide.

Partner with dpi and let us help you get started with the best tools available.

Why Choice Matters

Enhance productivity
Attract and retain top talent
Increase employee engagement
Improve perception of IT

78% of millennial employees believe access to technology they like makes them more effective
Employee choice increases levels of innovation, in addition to workplace and job satisfaction
Roughly 3 out of 4 employees choose Apple when given the choice of technology at work

Every employee should have the
choice to work with Apple®.

  • Involve users in the process
    from the very beginning.
  • Implement an employee facing
    portal for devices.
  • Plan out your entire internal
    communications strategy.

  • Consider subsidies and
    payroll deduction.
  • Leverage leasing and DaaS to
    maximize residual value.
  • Understand how to measure the
    total cost of ownership.

  • Leverage existing device
    management experience.
  • Utilize device enrollment
    instead of imaging.
  • Leverage native tools for
    managing security.

  • Enable users to personalize and
    administer their device.
  • Modernize only the most critical
    apps and workflows.
  • Enable users to self-select
    applications as needed.

  • Enable productivity via
    training and community.
  • Refocus help desk around
    the right metrics.
  • Leverage AppleCare programs
    for additional support.

Transform your business by partnering with dpi and bring the best Apple products and support to your employees.