Promise & Symply Team Up to Tackle Media & Entertainment Storage Space

Starting next week the media and entertainment industry will have a new go-to storage option. Promise & Symply are partnering to bring media businesses the latest storage solutions designed to meet their future needs, today. The partnership will extend not only to their hardware, but will also offer new software solutions as well. At dpi, we’re excited to be a special partner with Promise & Symply, so we can meet all of your media & entertainment needs.

rich media storage

What does this partnership mean for your rich media storage? You’ll have the fastest, most reliable storage solutions for all your digital data in an easy to use format. Promise is well known for delivering top-notch IT, cloud-based, rich media, and surveillance storage to various customers worldwide. By partnering with Symply, who specializes in customer analysis and solutions, both companies will flourish. This comes at the benefit of the media & entertainment industry, who will finally have complete storage solutions for their rich media.

Promise Symply Combined Logo 2

customer insights

Possibly the greatest benefit to this partnership will be the customer insights gained by companies. Those who choose to utilize the Promise & Symply products moving forward will have a plethora of great options. They’ll be able to interact with their data in an expedited fashion, meaning the ability to make necessary tweaks and other customizations before they become a problem. That’s why companies are ecstatic about these new storage solutions. It’s also why dpi is happy to bring them directly to your organization.

“The relationship with Symply takes us into an exciting future in the rich media market, while addressing customer needs today.” -James Lee, CEO, Promise Technology

“We are poised and ready to take care of the needs unique to the rich media market, and make sure the transition is smooth.” -Alex Grossman, CEO, Symply Inc.


how to order

These impressive products will be available for purchase through dpi, an authorized reseller, in early July. We’ll walk you through the order process, and will even work to customize solutions that best fit your specific needs. Once you’re ready to install we’ll also help where we can as needed, per our service contract guidelines.

If your business operates in the media & entertainment space, you need Promise & Symply’s solutions, and we can help. Click the ‘Get Started’ button below to fill out an inquiry form and a dpi representative will reach out to you once the products become available.