Why a Mac Loaner Can Save Your Business

The times have certainly been changing over the past couple of decades, and it’s thrust our culture into relying almost completely on digital solutions to not only run our businesses, but our entire lives as well. You can find an app to satisfy almost any need you have from one of your digital devices, but what happens when unexpected downtime interrupts your busy life, and more importantly your business?

You can lose millions in the blink of an eye after just a few hours of downtime, so that’s why loaner hardware is critical to any organization’s disaster strategy. At digital partners incorporated we’re here to help your company stay profitable through even the toughest business challenges, that’s the dpi difference.

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The Loaner Difference

In a 2015 study reported by AppDynamics companies who didn’t have a true disaster strategy in place lost an average of $100,000 per hour on infrastructure downtime. Fortune 1000 companies lose about $1.75 billion dollars a year due to unexpected downtime and under half of companies that were surveyed even had a disaster strategy in place at all. Burying your head in the sand is no way to prepare for unforeseen issues, and it certainly won’t help you continue to make money if (when) a piece of your hardware fails.

Luckily dpi has got you covered. When you purchase your Apple and/or storage hardware through us we’ll always get you a loaner product the second you need it, so your company can avoid losing money and market position when something goes wrong. Whether it’s an iMac running slowly after an OS X upgrade, an iPad on the fritz for a designer on the go, or your server back-up crashing we’ll get you the necessary hardware to keep you up and running as things occur. We’re here to help your company rest easy knowing that regardless of what happens to your infrastructure, you’re covered.

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Here at dpi we have all your Apple and storage solutions in one place. We’d love to help you find the best disaster strategy for your group, and will even walk through it with you. We’re focused on our customers first and will always go above and beyond to make sure you’re taken care of. Our loaner program is just one of the many ways we accomplish that, so don’t hesitate to bring your company into a new age of sustainability with dpi.

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