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At dpi we like to keep the Apple community up-to-date on what they may expect across the tech giant’s diverse platforms. Here’s a brief look into their latest innovations, and upcoming products that are sure to please you throughout your business and personal life.

Apple has already reported record sales through its first fiscal quarter of 2016 (which ended in December 2015) and the company is gearing up for more record sales as the year rolls on.  Apple enthusiasts worldwide will definitely want to keep their ears close to the ground as spring makes way to summer and fall, and new products are unveiled to the world.

iPad Pro
The newest iPad Pro is a 9.7-inch masterpiece that will astound users in a variety of ways (Photo Courtesy of

The Newest iPad Pro

Though many people have overlooked the Apple iPad Pro, which released last December, they may be changing their tune soon. Instead of releasing another MacBook Air model as rumored, the tech giant decided to try and gain more market share with their latest flagship when they announced the release of a smaller version of the original 12.9-inch display. The new Apple iPad Pro 9.7-inch is set to hit shelves on Thursday (March 31) and is expected to start the company’s transition from tablet alternative to laptop replacement.

With this model Apple has integrated a 64-bit chip with a coprocessor, an external keyboard, an impressive 10-hour battery life (maximum), and artistic stylus (Apple Pencil) to try and get closer to the aforementioned laptop replacement. The 9.7-inch Pro model features a new Retina display that has an incredible 2048×1536 adaptive screen resolution making it the brightest and least reflective screen in the industry.  It also gives the new version up to 25% greater color saturation to make every image, app, and video viewed on it more vivid and engaging for every user.


For those sound and picture buffs the newest iPad Pro also has you in mind. It has a new setup that uses four speakers, one in each corner, to create a virtual surround sound to fully immerse the user in rich, vibrant sound regardless of the screen’s orientation. It will also employ a 12 mega-pixel main camera, and a 5 mega-pixel FaceTime camera for crystal clear pictures, videos, and selfies too.


iPhone SE
The new iPhone SE is sure to be a crowd pleaser for folks who don’t like how big smartphones have gotten, but who still want the speed and reliability of an iPhone (Photo Courtesy of

An iPhone for the Rest of Us

Switching gears to the latest version of the original smartphone proves that Apple always keeps its many diverse users in mind. The new iPhone SE reverts back to a 4-inch screen to fit more comfortably in user’s hands and various pockets. Apple didn’t sacrifice performance for the decrease in size however, as the same A9 chip used in the 6s packs a punch in the SE as well. Its 12-mega-pixel camera shoots video in 4K and still gives you the ‘Live Photo’ option to bring your photography to life.

The iPhone SE also employs the same Touch ID technology that users have come to expect with Apple’s products today, so all your data will be secure, rest assured. The iPhone SE is already available for preorder and will also hit store shelves on Thursday March 31.


Updates to ResearchKit Introduce CareKit

ResearchKit was a huge success when it was first released last year. It enabled the healthcare industry to gain invaluable insights into how participants live their everyday life, and how the industry could better service them moving forward. Since then it has given doctors and other medical professionals so much insight into today’s Americans health issues that Apple is expanding it’s reach.

CareKit is the name of the newest potion of ReseachKit, which is designed to allow developers to create apps that take the guessing out of your personal health in real time. It gives you prescription updates, symptom and medication tracking, and can even share your info with medical professionals so you always know exactly where your health stands.


Apple Watch Version 2.0

As Apple enthusiasts have been accustomed to for years, the Apple Watch should follow the yearly overhauls that the iPads and iPhones also endure. The newest Apple Watch is rumored to be a stand-alone device, rather than an extension of the iPhone. This will allow the watch to connect directly to the network of your choice, and run apps all on its own. Though the Apple Watch 2 was not released to the public at the company’s Keynote in late-March, it should hit store shelves around the time the iPhone 7 is set to release (Fall 2016). For now users will just have to make due with some new accessories such as new bands, and a lower price.

Apple Watch bands
Here’s a look at some of the newest Apple Watch bands available now (Photo Courtesy of

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