The Apple Watch: Way Too Sexy?

Like a blonde bombshell, the Apple Watch attracts everything from admiring glances to outright leers. Wearing one during this test, I have been smiled at, winked at, waved at (by people also wearing an Apple Watch), and had my arm virtually drooled over.

I have had people point directly at me – “Look what she’s wearing!” – as though I were somehow set apart from ordinary mortals. In a good way.

But, people don’t want to try the Apple Watch on, even when I offer. Whether it is out of respect or fear is unclear. This is so different to the standard piece of jewelry, where there typically is no hesitation to touch it and try wearing it.

This blonde bombshell is a bit daunting, the way the most beautiful girls had trouble getting dates in high school. Perhaps there is such a thing as too sexy.

I’ll be the first to admit that the Apple Watch takes a bit of getting used to. No matter what the press releases say, there’s a learning curve. But, as far as I can tell, it’s impossible to damage the watch during the learning process, so really any fear should be replaced with a sense of adventure as you travel into the unknown.

Think Star Trek or – depending on your religion – Star Wars. Go forth and prosper!

And now I’ll admit it. I love my beautiful blonde. It’s helping me get healthier with a gentle tap on the wrist when I’ve been sitting too long. It’s giving me immediate notification when there’s a breaking news item and I can’t see my phone or a screen.

It’s also letting me reply quickly and easily to text messages and even make phone calls à la Dick Tracy. I always wanted a Dick Tracy watch. So, this is as cool as it gets. Give the Apple Watch a killer app and see how fast the blonde bombshell turns into the girl next door.

Until then I’ll be more than happy to squire this Marilyn Monroe of watches. Too sexy for my arm? “No way, Jose,” or should I say, “No way, Cupertino!”

Apple Watch


Strategist Susan Ellis is part consultant, part academic … and is thoroughly geek. She occasionally blogs for Digital Partners Incorporated (dpi), and recently tested the Apple Watch.