The Top IT Challenges of 2013 and How To Address Them Today

About a year ago we published the post, The Top IT Challenges of 2012. In the ever-changing IT environment we felt it would be beneficial to review the Top IT Challenges for 2013.

Forrester Research reviewed questions from clients during 2012 and noticed a new breed of inquiry:

• ”How can we better serve our customers?”

• “How do we evolve into an IT organization that’s fit for 2017…”

• “How do we improve IT support based on actual business needs?”

Based on the 2012 questions it seems like the IT mentality has changed, IT professionals are now trying to understand, “What IT achieves rather than what it does”.

To address this new thought process Forrester created a list of IT challenges for 2013 that included Personal Hardware (BYOD), Cloud Solutions, and Overall Compliance Issues.

The above challenges have a common theme, the solutions will not only be hardware based but will depend on logistics, integration and internal procedures. Companies should not only focus on current issues but also allocate budget and create policies with the future state of the enterprise in mind. This mentality will ensure a long-term infrastructure that will be effective for many years.

Our specialists can assist in securing the enterprise while addressing the Bring Your Own Device movement (BYOD), integrating the Cloud and overall compliance concerns IT departments will face this year. Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) teams partner with companies to preform initial MDM assessments and address any concerns through tools like MobileIron.

Contact dpi a Enterprise specialist today to find out more about how we can help and ask about our current offerings.

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