3 Steps to a More Efficient Enterprise this Year

With all of the enterprise solutions available in the market today every enterprise should implement these cost effective solutions this year.

1. Operating System Updates

An outdated Operating System can lead to many inefficiencies including document compatibility, mobile device integration and overall security risks. When Apple released their latest Operating System, OS X Mountain Lion, it included over 200 new features including Built-In Sharing, Encrypted Backup and iCloud Document Library (See full list) which are all great for improving enterprise efficiency and a good indication of where the industry is trending.

In some cases an enterprise does not feel comfortable immediately switching to a new Operating System. In these situations a plan should be established to align the enterprise’s current processes with the new Operating System capabilities and functions. A well executed conversion plan will help employees prepare for the new System while lowering the risk of data loss.

2. Computer Repair

With the normal wear and tear of an office environment computers will physically break down over time. Some common issues may be broken fans, unresponsive USB ports, insufficient RAM or damaged motherboards.  These issues can lead to slower computer processing, usability issues and overall decrease in employee moral. In some cases, after repairs are quoted, an enterprise will forgo the computer repair process and consider new machines all together.

3. Cloud Computing

At times an enterprise’s budget may not allow for System Updates or Computer Repairs, in these situations consider incorporating Cloud Computing.

CouldTweak.com provides a great expatiation of Cloud Computing:

 What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is gaining popularity since last few years. It is a computing model that uses shared infrastructure to provide computing resources to companies dynamically over a cloud, such as internet. It enables companies to use data storage, software applications, and computer processing power owned and maintained by cloud service providers through the internet or proprietary network of the service provider.

A cloud is a very cost effective and innovate solution that enables enterprises to meet their  IT needs. It will lead to lower memory usage on storage devices as well as increased collaboration throughout the business.


Overall, when determining this year’s goals remember the 3 steps: Operating System Updates, Computer Repairs and the Incorporation of the Cloud. With these steps in place an enterprise can begin to lean-out inefficiencies and overall headaches.


digital partners (dpi) is an enterprise consulting, support and computer repair St. Louis business. Please contact us to see how any of the above can be incorporated into your business this year.

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