2012 – The Year for Apple in the Enterprise

The biggest disruptive force in the computer equipment market is not [the cloud], but Apple. – Andrew Bartels

In his Global Tech Market Outlook for 2012, Andrew Bartels, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, focused not on the major shifts in Enterprise computing in the cloud, but that Apple is taking the workforce by storm.

This year Apple will sell an estimated $19 billion in Macs and iPads to enterprises. The growth marks a 58% increase over corporate spending in 2011. What was once a small trend with executives insisting on their own Macs, has now spread across departments. More and more employees are requesting to use the operating systems they use at home. The result? More Apple computers in the workplace.

The upsurge is also fueled by the demand for an increasingly mobile sales force. iPads have become the standard as corporations see how easily sales materials can be demonstrated as well as day-to-day operations managed on the go. Apple has reacted by ramping up corporate sales through reselling partners.

As an Apple reseller for close to twenty years, digital partners is uniquely positioned to use its longstanding relationship with Apple to help its clients get volume discounts. If your enterprise is playing catch up with integrating Macs and iPads, give us a call. Our systems engineers can answer questions about integration and our Apple specialists can help you find the right hardware for every position.

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