Learn to Develop Apps for the iPhone and iPad!

digital partners is excited to announce our new trio of app development training classes to prepare you to design and develop the next great app. Budding developers and app experts alike can gain new skills by enrolling to take beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes, as well as other advanced topics.

It’s easy to enroll. Just give us a call and let us know which course you’d like to take. We’ll take down your information and provide you with more details about the class and costs.

Software Development on iOS devices

Apple provides a development environment named Xcode for software development on their platforms including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad as well as Macs. The preferred language used to develop is called Objective-C. The goal of the classes is to provide a practical course on development for these mobile devices while also covering the key aspects of the Objective-C language.

None of the classes teach basic programming. It is expected that any participants taking any of the courses, including the beginner course, have a working software development knowledge on any platform and they also understood typical code constructs like if checks, iterative loops, debugging and object-oriented programming paradigm.

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