iOS App Development – Beginner Class

The beginner class starts off with an overview of the Objective-C programming language, how it is different in comparison to other development languages, and a high-level walk through on using the Xcode development environment.  The class will then cover using the designer (Interface Builder) to arrange your application look and feel and how to work with the basic user interface controls that are available.  In developing the software, one design pattern is used repeatedly and is also supported by the development environment natively; the class will discuss the Model-View-Controller pattern and how it applies to the typical UI development for iOS devices.  The delegate pattern is also used throughout classes available in the SDK; understanding of this pattern is crucial to allow creation of future mobile applications.

Subjects covered:

  • Overview of the Objective-C language
  • Overview of project creation, maintenance and debugging within Xcode
  • Using Interface Builder to design and lay out your application view
  • Simple UI controls: Text field, Label, Button, Segmented Control, Switch, Image control, Slider, Progress bar, etc.
  • Model-View-Controller pattern and how it is being used in creation of UIViewController classes in Xcode
  • Correlation between the View and ViewController classes and how they interact and affect each other
  • Coverage of the delegate pattern and how it is being used by the system to further allow interaction with UI controls and how it is being used for the initial start of the application.

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