Mac Means Productivity: Forrester tells IT to Support Apple Devices

The long proponent of having a Windows-only workplace, Forrester did an about-face and released a new report saying that Mac users are often the most productive at a company and continuing to support their technology needs means growth over-all. A Forrester survey of 590 IT executives and decision makers found that the top-earners and performers at companies are opting to use Apple computers – even at their own expense. This class of the lead 17% of employees find that using an Apple laptop over a company-supplied Windows PC allows them to work more quickly and present a professional image. Top performers state that Windows PCs are slowing them down and look cheaply made.

Accordingly, Forrester recommends that IT departments start supporting Macs in the enterprise in order to keep up. Insisting on a PC-only work environment will only hinder workers who are using new technologies to be more productive and find better solutions for customers.

For more about the Forrester research findings you can see Hell freezes over: Forrester urges IT to support the Mac, an article from Philip Elmer-Dewitt.

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