Manage Mobile Devices Updated with iOS 5

As millions of iPhone and iPad users adopt Apple’s newest version of their mobile platform, companies are working to ensure their security and in-house apps are compatible. iOS 5 presents challenges for the enterprise environment, with some IT departments wondering how to address mobile security issues. Changes and updates in iOS 5 invite concerns on how to monitor and manage iCloud access and activate iPhones and iPads wirelessly without an iTunes account.

Two providers of mobile device management (mdm) responded to these challenges with updates to their Software-as-a-Service platforms (SaaS). Both MobileIron and AirWatch already have upgrades for iOS users. MobileIron’s release strengthens their enforcement of security policies to protect corporate data. MobileIron helps companies bring corporate and employee-owned phones under centralized IT management.
The release from AirWatch allows management to enable or disable iCloud backup, document sync, and photostream to protect corporate data. Both mdm suppliers allow for robust mobile application management as well.

If your company is looking to add iPhones and iPads to their corporate IT infrastructure, it is vital for operations to be secure and devices to be managed. Incorporating an mdm provider like MobileIron or AirWatch helps keep mobile support costs low and corporate data secure. digital partners is a trusted partner to both providers and has dedicated staff to find out which SaaS is best for you.

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