Gadgets Gone Wild: Personal Technology at Work

A recent article from The Economist examined the challenge that many companies are facing with employees’ attitudes toward technology in the workplace. Young hires are increasingly offering complaints about complex systems with complicated manuals. Raised on user-friendly, but powerful websites and mobile applications, Generation-Y is finding corporate software and sites anything but helpful.

But what is perhaps more interesting news is how employees of every age are demanding to use their personal technological devices to do work. From iPads to their personal smartphones, large percentages of workers are requesting IT staff to set up email and access to intranet data. It makes sense: with more of the workforce being mobile, working out of office and face-to-face with customers, employees want the flexibility to stay in contact easily.

At first glance, using employees’ personal devices as company hardware sounds like a dream come true. IT departments could slash budgets for new devices and users would be responsible for their own training. Yet beyond the cost of hardware companies must realize the expense of their intellectual properties, including securing data. Managing thousands of smartphones and tablets can prove to be a nightmare for ill-equipped tech departments. With advances in mobile device management from companies like MobileIron however, corporations can manage employee’s range of apps, access to data, and email security.

Things are changing in the corporate technology environment. As employees turn more tech-savvy and mobile, rely on management tools to protect your company data and secure devices. digital partners is poised to help partners respond to employee interest in using personal tablets and phones. Contact us to speak with a Solutions Architect and Mobile Device Management Specialist for your enterprise.

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