iOS 5 for Business

At first glance, Apple’s début of the latest iOS update seems to cater solely to the consumer, bringing much anticipated changes to the way iPads and iPhones will operate. With new offerings in fun favorites like Game Center and Air Play, casual customers will be tickled pink. But for the rest of us who use iPhones and iPads for more than fun and games, iOS 5’s updates will prove useful to being more efficient and both work and play.

Five Features of iOS 5 Built to Better Business

Tired of one-line emails that clutter your inbox when a quick yes or no text message would suffice? With iOS 5 you can get work done faster with iMessage, the iOS to iOS messaging app built right in to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Shoot a quick message to your coworker across the meeting on your iPad. Text your employee’s iPhone for free from yours. iMessage will save companies’ costs on data plans and save you headaches deleting emails shorter than a Twitter update.

Quite possibly the best new thing to come iOS, Reminders will streamline your to-do list and help things organized all in one place. Travelers can make packing lists, managers can make project to-dos, and everybody can make reminders to balance their work and home lives. Best yet, Reminders has functionality to remind you based on location. When a traveler arrives in Toledo, Reminders will pop-up with a list of things not to forget. Busy parents can even have Reminders show a shopping list after leaving kids’ practice to head to the grocery store. Now that’s productivity.

Surfing the Internet got a whole lot easier. Safari now comes with reading lists, an easy way to consolidate pages for reading later. With just a tap, websites can be viewed clutter-free with articles displayed full-screen sans advertisements and distracting links. Tap again and the page returns to its full form. Reading briefs, stock reports, or company websites is going to be less of a pain.

Emails can now be formatted, with bold, italic, or underlined font. And that’s not all that’s changed: finding emails is a cinch with message flags and searchable email text. Overstuffed inbox users can rejoice!

Making changes to your calendar is as simple tapping and dragging to adjust a meeting’s or appointment’s time or length. You can now view an entire year on your iOS device as well.

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