Apple’s New OS X Lion is Brilliant for Businesses

Yesterday Apple unveiled its major release of OS X 10.0, nicknamed Lion. The operating system has a host of new changes, and both consumers and companies can rejoice. Refreshes come to the form and function of Lion, with many updates inspired by the ease of iPad’s and iPhone’s iOS operating system.

While some companies may not be too concerned about changes to Facetime or that you can now view Chess in full-screen mode, there are updates that will make work productivity increase and employee’s headaches decrease. dpi has highlighted the top seven features that will make Lion, well, the king of the technology jungle for business:

1. Resume
Wouldn’t it be great to boot an app and have instant access to what you were last working on? With resume, you can. Save time searching and opening the file you last had open.

2. Auto Save
Whaauto savet resume does for opening apps, Auto Save repeats for closing them. Throughout your work process, Auto Save continually saves your document’s changes, all in the background. When you close an app, there’s no prompting to save – your work is already backed up! Employees save time and companies have security from short-term data loss.

3. Versions
Now that your information is saved automatically, Apple has made it easy to review older versions of your work. Go back to previous changes in files to pinpoint an error, copy language, or see how your work has progressed.

4. Airdrop
Emailing attachments to your co-workers is so 2010. With Airdrop, employees can share files easily over Wi-Fi with anyone on Mac in a 30’ radius. Better still, the files are encrypted to keep company information safe.

5. Mail
Reading your email just got a whole lot easier. With the new wide-screen view, you can see a mailbox while reading emails. To keep conversations organized, Mail now tracks email threads even if the subject line changes.

6. Lion Server
It’s almost unbelievable that OS X Server comes included in the paltry $30 price of Lion. Now small companies can turn nearly any Mac into a server.

7. Xsan
xsanSystem Administrators can now access an Xsan volume. Xsan is built into OS X Lion and new features make it easier to manage, mount, and unmount Xsan volumes.


These are just seven updates of the over 250 that roll out with the new OS X Lion. For more information on how your company can benefit from Lion and how you can be prepared for the upgrade, contact dpi.


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