Adobe Updates Creative Suite in Big Ways

Today marks the release of Adobe’s latest Creative Suite (CS) 5.5. This mid-cycle release may seem like small potatoes to those who have recently upgraded from CS 4 to CS 5, but the multimedia design and production company made the product refresh surprisingly significant. The changes come in a couple of main areas: 1) all-new Creative Suite subscription options and 2) a host of mobile device tools. Adobe’s new subscription plans take the pressure off of small publishing houses and individual designers. For a monthly fee, ranging from $65 to $129, users can subscribe to the package of their choice and avoid the cost of upgrades. The pay-as-you-go process may not be most advantageous for enterprises, however. With the average cycle for CS refreshes being around 18 months, users will in the end pay more through subscription than purchasing the whole Suite up front. The increase of payment options from Adobe will allow more people to use CS – eAdobe CS 5.5specially new users.

The Suite itself underwent some significant expansions. Adobe has now bundled in the packages robust tools for designing and producing mobile content. “Creative Suite 5.5 will drive the development of new digital experiences across devices, including all major smartphones and tablets,” said Shantanu Narayen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Adobe. “As publishers, media companies, advertisers and enterprises transform the way they develop and distribute their content, Adobe will be there to support them with technology innovations in content creation, management, measurement and distribution.” More devices than ever before support Flash and with more forms of content becoming digital (books to eBooks, for example), Adobe has amped up the Creative Suite’s content to be accessed on virtually every screen and device.

Adobe is not just using mobile devices as the access point for content, but also as tools to design, create, and capture ideas. For example, the new Adobe Nav for iPad uses the iPad’s multi-touch screen as a navigation tool for creatives working in Photoshop to access brushes, swatches, and other tools. Creative Suite 5.5 is a sword in the sand, marking Adobe’s dedication to remaining an industry leader in video, web, and print design. For more information about CS 5.5 or to order, contact our Adobe Sales Team at 1-866-679-6227.



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