dpi + Apple Special Leasing Offer

A fully capable Mac in a thin package.

High-Resolution Display. Millions of pixels. Millimeters thin. Corner to corner and pixel by pixel, the display on the new MacBook Air is both an engineering feat and a design breakthrough. MacBook Air weighs less than three pounds, but it’s a heavyweight where it counts.

Financing lets you bundle your new Macs, services and software into one manageable payment. Don’t wait – get the products you need now.

24 month FMV lease at 0%* for leases $5,000 or more.
30 month FMV lease at 0%* for leases $10,000 or more.
To calculate your lease payment, simply divide the dollar amount of your equipment list by the number of months you would like to lease.

Offer details
• Promotional rates available for all Apple equipment, software and services except iPad. iPad may be added at combined rate.
• Business customers in U.S. only.
• Signed lease documents due by March 31, 2011 to qualify.
• Lease structure:
– *FMV: 0% rate is applicable to periodic lease payments during the initial term. Subject to standard end-of-term conditions for a Fair Market Value lease.

• Lease agreement subject to all standard fees, taxes and shipping charges.
• Maximum of 20% soft costs (Ex: Apple software, AppleCare).
• End-of-term options include:
– return equipment
– extend lease at new term
– purchase equipment at Fair Market Value (FMV)
• Subject to credit and document approval through both digital partners and Apple.

Contact dpi’s leasing department at 866.679.6227 to apply.

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