While some within the IT community are rightfully frustrated with Apple’s November 5th announcement to discontinue Xserve, mass panic should be easily avoided. Simple solutions are available and dpi is more than ready to help.

The Intel-based server was Apple’s fastest yet, but weak sales may have led Apple to cancel Xserve production. What’s more:  Apple’s suggested replacements for the Xserve aren’t making the cut – the Mac Mini is too small to be a viable option for most corporations, and Mac Pro’s physical incompatibilities alone won’t clear the hurdle for any company running Mac OS X.

But there are other options and dpi is prepared to help companies in every vertical make the switch. dpi has been a longstanding partner and one of a handful of  VARs with Active Storage, the innovative and agile standard in storage solutions. Active’s offerings range from post-production video storage to enterprise-wide servers.  Their team works seamlessly with dpi to find customize solutions for companies. And Apple creative systems aren’t lost on them – Active doesn’t just understand Mac user’s needs, they’ve been integral in responding to them over the years. The company’s founder, Alex Grossman, was an executive at Apple, responsible for the development of Apple’s server and storage products.

Just because Xserve is gone doesn’t mean the sky is falling. dpi knows the market, was prepared, and has the solutions your company needs to keep expanding storage. For a quote on any Active Storage system or for more help, contact us.

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