“Consumerized” employees choosing Macs at work.

Employees who have chosen Macs as their home computer are likely to become frustrated by their work PC. They find they can do more, and do it more productively, on their home computer. That frustration is beginning to change how some companies purchase equipment. More and more, business  both large and small are allowing their employees to choose what kind of computer they want at the work. These companies are finding the benefit of increased productivity outweighs the incremental effort involved in supporting a broader base of technology. They are also finding that Macs are easy to support.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, “It’s a Free Country… …So why can’t I pick the technology I use in the office?” Nick Wingfield explores this trend. It is a trend we have seen at dpi, where more of our customers are introducing Macs, offering choice, or growing their existing Mac footprint. We help these customers with with networking, backup options, support, virus protection, storage, certified Apple training, instalations, and more.

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