Active Storage Introduces new Mid-Range XRAID(TM) ES

Active Storage has announced two new high-value RAID configurations. Named the XRAID ES, new models differ from the original Active Storage XRAID in that they have a single high performance RAID controller (vs. dual controllers on the original) and they use business class hard drives with a smaller cache size (16MB vs. 32MB). The original Active Storage XRAID is a performance beast making a reputation for itself with high-performance applications such as Xsan and video production. The ES is based on the original Active XRAID and provides the same ease of deployment and management, but is better suited to small and medium business class or university deployments using Mac OS X Server running applications such as file serving, database services, web hosting, calendar, Wiki, Mail, and iChat, as well as near-line and Disk-to-Disk backup of the Active Storage XRAID or other Enterprise Class storage.

The new ES line is a logical extension for Active Storage. It gives business customers who want the Mac-native performance and reliable, domestic support an option for less-demanding applications. The 4TB configuration has a list price around $500 less than the comparable Promise VTrack, making it an easy choice for business customers looking for value but unwilling to sacrifice quality.

When you combine this with Apple’s recent release of the new, super-fast Xserve things are looking good for business customers who crave speed. For more on the announcement visit the Active Storage web site and check out Jim Dalrymple’s short post on

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