Apple Announces New MacBook Lineup

Apple has announced updated versions of the Mac mini, iMac, and Mac Pro, the three desktop platforms in the Mac family. The big news for business customers is the new Mac Pro, which can be scaled with an inordinate amount of size and speed. With the redesigned interior (the exterior dimensions haven’t changed) Apple found a way to allow for up to 4TB of internal hard drive space. A new side-panel makes it much easier to access components, which now slide out easily. That is good, because you will want to slide out the processor tray so you can gawk at the new Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Nehalem” processors which boost performance 2x over the previous model. New video cards nearly triple the performance of previous the Mac Pro standard cards, and with room for four video cards you can drive eight 30″ Cinema Displays.

The new Mac Pro is a beast
The new Mac Pro is a beast

One nice surprise is the sheer volume and easy accessibility of the I/O ports. On the front panel two FireWire 800 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and a headphone minijack. On the back three USB 2.0, two FireWire 800, optical audio in and out, analog audio in and out, and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports. That is a total of seven USB ports and four FireWire ports.

It looks like Apple managed to improve the design of the MacPro at the same time that they increased performance, a neat trick considering how much performance is improved.

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