Apple Pulls 20? Cinema Display

If you look for displays at you now will find only two displays in the online store: the new 24-inch Apple LED Cinema Display and the old 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display. The 20-inch model was quietly pulled, sharing the fate of the 23-inch model. That leaves the 30-inch model as the only matte-finish monitor left in the lineup as the LED Cinema displays all have a high-gloss finish. A matte finish is favored by designers and photographers — the creative professionals that formed the early core of Apple’s business customer base.

The differences between the newer LED displays and the older displays does not begin and end with finish. The new displays do not include Firewire ports and they only connect to newer laptops that use the Mini DisplayPort connector. If you use anything but a laptop from the new Macbook family the 30-inch Cinema Display is now the only Apple display you can purchase.

If you plan on adding or replacing a Cinema Display in the near future we suggest you call us soon, we can’t predict how long the 30-inch model will be around.

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