iPhone Surpasses Palm as Number Two Business SmartPhone.

A recent survey published by ChangeWave shows that the Apple iPhone is gaining share in the corporate smartphone market. We see this as more evidence to support our view that the iPhone, and the iPod before it, are helping Apple make inroads into the enterprise market.

The iPhone’s market share of 14 percent makes it a distant second to the 76 percent share of RIM’s Blackberry. Katie Marsal of Apple Insider went as far as to write that the iPhone was “chipping away at the BlackBerry maker’s lead after having recently bludgeoned Palm to become the second leading supplier of advanced handsets to businesses.” Bludgeoned may be a strong term, and one could argue that surpassing Palm is nothing to write home about, but the trend is striking. Since the iPhone was introduced 13 months ago Palm’s market share has been halved, from 28 to 14 percent. More telling is the change in purchase intent. with 22 percent of corporate respondents saying they plan on purchasing iPhones, while only 5 percent planning on purchasing Palms. That represents significant progress for a device that Apple explicitly said was not meant for the enterprise market.

What is behind this growth? Jason Mick at Daily Tech puts it this way:

“The real gains for the iPhone in business have been in fact forced by guerilla movements within companies by employees. Top executives and younger users alike are finding themselves drawn in droves to the new device and while at first they may not look at it as a possible business tool, it’s starting to slip into their business lives.”

Additional coverage at IntoMobile, Fortune, and TG Daily, which notes that Apple’s iPhone outsold Blackberry’s and Windows Mobile devices overall in the thrid quarter of 2008.

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