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Some of the biggest beneficiaries of Apple’s success have been companies that follow up Apple products in a way that takes an original task, like Mac-based video production, and elevates it to a whole new level of sophistication. One of those companies is Adobe whose new CS4 product is redefining how companies market themselves and communicate with the world.

At our recent event, Adobe’s presenter extraordinaire, Noha Edell, presented CS4 to a roomful of awestruck designers and developers. The newest creative suite integrates web, video and graphics design and production in a way that has never before existed, creating more opportunities for visual communicators to create compelling experiences that draws in viewers and gives them access to a wide range of interactive options.

“We are not just designing for the web anymore,” Edell said. “It’s for phones, GPS and other small devices. Our goal is creating web and video graphics that are easy to use and easy to export.”

The result is that all new types of businesses users are turning to Adobe products, many of them on Macs. They include health, science, legal, archiecture and financial services users.

“We have seen a lot of growth in health and science,” she said. “A lot of doctors and researchers wanted to do new things with PhotoShop. That’s why we added X-rays to the product.”

Architects, too, turned to the program to share AutoCAD drawings with others who didn’t have AutoCAD software.

The movement to the web has been accelerated by the green movement and, now, by a weakening economy. Instead of printing catalogues and other collateral, companies are putting interactive material online, shifting the burden of printing to those consumers who want a hard copy.

As belts tighten around the world and companies work to stand out online, CS4 gives them the ability to create material that is eye-popping and functional, making it easy for consumers to get more information and ultimately buy the product they need.

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