Barron’s: iPhones Winning Over Some IT Managers

More on the movement of Apple in the enterprise: Barron’s quotes a Bernstein Research report that companies planning to either issuing iPhones to employees or support them in the next 12 months has risen from 2% of CIOs in May to 12% in the most recent survey. The rest of the survey is less positive: it found only 3% of CIOs planning to deploy or expand deploying Macs in their firms.

But, I would offer this as a predictor of Mac penetration into the enterprise. Clearly, most companies are not looking to make the switch to new computers running a new operating system, but the breathtaking acceptance of the iPhone is wedging open a door Apple has been pounding on for more than two decades. Most of its greatest success will likely be driven from the bottom up by consumers rather than the top down by corporate contracts.

Keep an eye on this one.

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