Apple 23-inch Cinema Display is Discontinued

High-quality monitors and professional-grade color reproduction have long been a point of differentiation for Apple. Apple monitors are not only designed better, they perform better. Professionals who care about color and image details, including researchers, scientists, designers, publishers, and commercial printers have to come to rely on the Apple 23-inch Cinema HD Display. The Cinema HD is ideal for color-critical work, reliably reproducing color at resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 pixels. The DVI connection allows for a direct pure-digital connection with the DVI port that has been standard on all Macs. The monitor conveniently housed two FireWire 400 ports and two USB 2.0 ports, making attachment of desktop peripherals easy and creating more ports for laptop users.

As of today you can no longer order the Cinema Display from Apple’s site. The product is still in the online catalog, but it is listed as discontinued. The replacement for the Cinema Display, the 24-inch Apple LED Cinema Display, is not yet shipping. It sports the same resolution as the 23-inch, but the FireWire ports are gone. It does add a MagSafe connection to charge your laptop, which is nice, and has built-in iSight camera. The DVI connector is replaced by a Mini DisplayPort connector, which means older Macs will need an adapter to connect to it. You cannot tell from the photos if the screen retains a clean, non-glare matte finish or if it adopts the gloss finish of some iMac models.

The gap leaves business customers in a wait and see situation, and possibly hoarding the older displays, buying them outright as they come off lease. That said, Apple has gotten monitors right for years, and the new LED Cinema Display may be both a work of art and a color workhorse.

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